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Complex Safeguarding Conference

Complex Safeguarding: Emerging Issues and Recurrent Themes  - 24th October 2018

In October 2018 the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (RBSCP) and Adults Board (RBSAB) hosted a conference for practitioners from different agencies throughout the borough, from both children’s and adult services. 164 people attended the conference.  This follows a highly successful Complex Safeguarding conference held in July 2017.

The conference was opened by Jane Booth, Chair of the RBSCP and RBSAB. Jane was followed by Gail Hopper, Director of Children’s Services and the Greater Manchester Lead for Complex Safeguarding, who gave an update on initiatives and developments in both Rochdale and wider Greater Manchester.

The second keynote speaker was Dean Coady OBE, an ex-soldier and ex-police officer who is now Chief Executive of Urban Life Solutions. Dean He is currently employed as an Independent Trainer, developing and delivering resource and training packages for safeguarders and young learners in relation to radicalisation and extremism, Street Gangs, Crime and Consequence and Community Cohesion.    

The speakers were followed by six workshops, which were repeated throughout the day so every attendee had the opportunity to experience each workshop.

The presentations from the day are here:

  • Complex safeguarding initiatives and developments in Greater Manchester  ( To follow)                                           
  • Preventing Radicalisation                                                                
  • Trafficking and modern slavery: GMP slides, Barnardo's slides                           

Unfortunately we are unable to share Dean Coady’s presentation here. 

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