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Tools, Templates & Other Resources

Neglect Assessment Tools

Rochdale Neglect Screening Tool                                      
This screening tool helps practitioners to quickly identify areas of concern which may indicate a child/young person is being neglected

Rochdale Graded Care Profile                                           The Graded Care profile should be used in all cases where  indications of neglect are identified.

The Rochdale Graded Care Profile (0-11)

Guidance Notes (0-11)

The Rochdale Adolescent Graded Care Profile

 Guidance Notes (Adolescent)

Assessing Risk

Rochdale Risk Model

National Risk Framework to support the assessment of children and young people

Safe Lives Risk Identification Checklist (RIC) & Quick Start Guidance for Domestic Abuse, Stalking and ‘Honour’-Based Violence (young people's version)

Safe Lives Dash Risk Checklist & Guidance (Adult victims)

SafeNet Domestic Abuse Service - Accommodation Based Support Services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool

Guidance: Using the Traffic Light Tool 

Rochdale Borough Multi Agency Referral Form

Multi Agency Referral Form

Baby/toddler surface skin map

Child surface skin map

Report Template for Child Protection Conferences

The template for single agency reports (except Social Workers) for initial and review Child Protection Conferences is available by following the link below;

Single Agency Report for CPC

Other resources 

Seeing the Child                                                                  This guide will support practitioners who are assessing the child’s development as part of their work with children and families.

Child Sexual Exploitation - 'It's Not Ok' resources:        includes Project Phoenix handbook, education guidance and CSE 'measurement' tool.

The family pack of questionnaires and scales.                     This document contains a number of scales and questionnaires to use when assessing families, including the Adult Wellbeing Scale, Adolescent Wellbeing Scale, Parenting Daily Hassles questionnaire, Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire, Recent Life Events questionnaire. The pack was originally linked to the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (now archived)

Referral form Rochdale Carers Hub
Rochdale Young Carers Leaflet

Capacity to Change Guidance

Capacity to Change Assessment Tool

NSPCC Solution-focused practice toolkit

Coercive Control - Resources

Resource Sheet - Child Trafficking and Modern Slavery

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