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Stronger Together provides free of charge toolkits for employers in relation to tackling modern slavery.           Register here to access the free resources.

Home Office: Modern slavery awareness & victim identification guidance

Films about Modern Slavery

Children of Offenders

i-HOP- Supporting all professionals to work with the children and families of offenders. 

The i-HOP service, provides a free to access one stop website with all the information necessary for working with these potentially vulnerable families. Find local and national targeted services, training and events, case studies, quality assessed research and policy as well as practice models and case studies to inspire you. i-HOP is run by Barnardo’s and funded by the Department for Education.

i-HOP Leaflet

i-HOP Quality Statements and Toolkit. This free practical resource is structured around 8 central aspects of work with offenders’ children and families. It includes check lists for you to self assess your service’s work with this group and a template to enable you to develop a realistic work plan.

Greater Manchester FGM Forum

GM Safeguarding Partnership Document - Forum FGM

Advice for Local Authorities: safeguarding children returning to the UK from Syria

Voice of the Child 

Commissioned by the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership, this film features young people from across Greater Manchester who have all had experience of professional support from a range of services.

Voice of the Child Resources





Modern Slavery &

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